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Welcome to Clonestar Podcast! Join hosts Seo Hurley & Mike Overton for exclusive Star Trek interviews, episode breakdowns, and Desert Island Trek.

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The War Room

Exclusive interviews with Star Trek's finest, including J.G. Hertzler, Todd Stashwick, Andrew Robinson & more!

Ten Forward

Mike Overton breaks down the latest episodes from USS Discovery to Strange New Worlds.

Desert Island Trek

Guests pick 8 Star Trek items for their desert island adventure.

Clonestar Shop

Every single space credit we collect from our intergalactic merchandise endeavours boldly goes where no euro has gone before – supporting our voyages to star-studded season premieres and cosmic events that Captain Kirk himself would envy.

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Tri-colour Small
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Our Hosts

Seosamh Hurley
Seo hosts Cinestar, The War Room and a top secret project thats coming soon and he’s probably the biggest Animated Series fan you’ll ever meet

Mike Overton

Mike hosts The War Room and Ten Forward where he recaps & reviews the latest Star Trek shows. He also does all of our graphics, merch, video production and website!

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