About Us

History Of The Clonestar Podcast

The Clonestar Podcast started as the brainchild of Seosamh Hurley, the self-proclaimed greatest fan of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Seán Ferrick, who has a potentially damaging level of random Star Trek facts in his head. 
The idea was to review every season of Star Trek, giving a new, Irish slant on the early seasons of the Original Series, as well as picking out the times Shatner overacted for the backseats. When the lads quickly discovered that the overacting…might have been exaggerated, they knew they were on to something. 
The expansion to interviews was a hope to capture the stories of people who had been involved with Trek – either directly or indirectly – and to explore new views on old ideas. To say that they have taken off is an understatement, and our excitement has grown exponentially with them. 
The Clonestar Pod is now something that has become special, not just to us, but to our loyal listeners as well – offering a fun forum for healthy discussion (and even disagreements!), as well as a safe space away from some of the more polarising corners of the internet.  

Our Hosts

Mike Overton

Mike hosts Ten Forward where he recaps & reviews the latest Star Trek shows. He also does all of our graphics, merch, video production and website!

Seosamh Hurley
Seo hosts Cinestar and a top secret project thats coming soon and he’s probably the biggest Animated Series fan you’ll ever meet
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