Admiral Janeway Foiled by Time Cops

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Admiral Janeway Foiled by Time Cops: I’m Coming for you Bryan Fuller!!
OratleastIthinkthat’swhatthe headlines should read. The episode of
Star Trek: Voyager titled Relativity has
been causing me immense trouble in
recent days. The concept laid forth
by Bryan Fuller, Nick Sagan & Michael Taylor leaves the Starfleet world with a
ship in the 29th century that goes around fixing temporal incursions caused by mischief making time
travelers, in a ship called, you guessed
it, Relativity. Now my question is, wouldn’t these “Time Cops” just go
right behind Admiral Janeway in End Game and fix the entire thing?
Or, would the major devastation

suffered by the Borg mean that the 29th century Time Cops just kind of-.leave this one be.
Let’s assume for the sake of knowing that an Admiral Janeway makes an
appearance in a later flick, the Time Cops just kind of let the temporal
i n c u r s i o n .- t h a t c h a n g e d s o m u c h i n
their timeline a s well _ remember now, the Borg were still a formidable foe
long after Voyager’s return to earth in
the alternate timeline, so they were presumably still a potential foe for the 29th century _ slide. They let her get her ship home. Why? Because for the benefit of the greater good, the Borg aregone.
Evenwiththatmostawesome consequence though, wouldn’t they

still be in major violation of the
temporal prime directive? Fucking A’, Temporal Mechanics makes my head

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