Beverly Crusher’s Best Moments from Star Trek Picard Season 3

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It would be an understatement to say that Dr. Beverly Crusher was instrumental to the story of Star Trek Picard season 3. In fact, this season was completely structured around the actions of Beverly from the very first moments until the final scenes. This was quite a departure from the Dr. Crusher/Wesley’s mom we met during The Next Generation years, but one that we all have been eager to see. Let’s look at Beverly Crusher’s best moments throughout the season.

“The Next Generation” Episode 301

Beverly Crusher kicking off season three of Star Trek Picard! This isn’t your “report to sick bay” Bev either, this is bad-ass Bev armed with a phaser rifle! She is protecting someone on board the Elios at all costs and appears to be desperate to do so. We get the impression quickly that this isn’t Beverly’s first time defending herself against these intruders. We also get the impression that this is no longer the Beverly from her days aboard the Enterprise-D. This Beverly is defensively quick and strategic. She is willing to put her own life on the line to protect whoever is on board and she isn’t looking to take prisoners. We are given the impression the stakes are high when Beverly records a communication to the one and only Jean Luc Picard.

“Disengage” Episode 302

This episode was a watershed moment in the relationship of Dr. Beverly Crusher and Admiral Picard. A beautifully poignant scene at the end of this episode is all we see of Beverly. She is carefully escorted onto the bridge of the Titan by Will Riker. The Titan has been instructed to hand over Jack Crusher, Beverly’s son, to Vadic or face destruction. As Beverly enters the bridge, she locks eyes with Picard. Beverly breaks their gaze and looks downward for just a moment. She slowly lifts her eyes back to looking at Jean Luc, but her expression has changed. She is distraught and on the verge of tears. Without exchanging a word, a message is exchanged between the two of them. Picard hears her silent message and feels its impact on his soul. In a split-second, Jean Luc jumps into Admiral mode ordering the Titan’s crew to prepare to engage the Shrike. When questioned, Jean Luc reveals that Jack Crusher is his son and they will not be handing him over to Vadic. The weight of the secret kept by Beverly for all of those years was palpable in this scene.

“Seventeen Seconds” Episode 303

There was a lot to unpack after the big “Jack is your son Jean Luc” reveal. Beverly had things to say about her decision to keep Jack a secret from him. The conversation between the two of them in the medical bay was intense, but Beverly held true to her decision. She even spoke some hard personal truths to Admiral Picard. It was a pivotal moment in the relationship of Picard and Beverly, not only for the characters but also for the viewers. The Picard and Crusher relationship was a character in and of itself from the first episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and continued to be throughout the series. During this scene in Star Trek Picard, we learn that the two of them had been involved romantically off and on through the years. Beverly was one of the very few people Picard ever allowed to know him on a deeply personal level and in his mind, she betrayed him by keeping Jack a secret. Beverly, however, sees her decision as an effort to protect their son from the one person that always seems to be at the center of danger – Picard.

“No Win Scenario” Episode 304

In this episode, we get Dr. Beverly Crusher doing exactly what she has been doing since her Enterprise D days. She enters the scene addressing Jean Luc and Jack, who have just come from the Holodeck Ten Forward after Captain Shaw delivered his Wolf 359 monologue, and quickly addresses the problem that the Titan is facing. We can always count on Beverly to identify and figure out the solution to the problem at hand. This is also the first time we get to see Beverly, Picard and Jack working together. It is really the first time we get to see how seamlessly Beverly and Jean Luc pick back up working in sync with one another and how Jack effortlessly adds to their equation. This is also the episode where Beverly gets to deliver the best Star Trek line. While the Titan’s Bridge crew looks out in awe at the plethora of newly born alien space babies Beverly utters, “…to seek out new life”. It was a perfect moment which was quickly followed by Riker’s comedic line, “I think we should boldly get the hell out of here”.

“Imposters” Episode 305

Dr. Beverly Crusher is on the case again in this episode, but instead of figuring out the delivery schedule of alien space babies she is trying to uncover how the changeling infiltrated the Titan’s crew. This is another moment where we get to see Beverly doing what she has always done best, forensically investigating a problem to help answer an unfathomable question. It is through Beverly that we learn that the Changelings have evolved to a place where they can form themselves into other species that make them untraceable. This is also the episode where Beverly confronts Jack after he successfully takes out four Changelings on his own. Beverly’s combination of motherly instinct and medical knowledge allow her to be the first to see that something is wrong with her son. This is another episode where Beverly isn’t the focus but impacts the progression of the story significantly.

“The Bounty” Episode 306

In this episode we get to briefly see two extreme sets of emotions from Beverly. Beverly shares with Jean Luc that she has diagnosed Jack with Irumodic syndrome. This is the same disease that Beverly diagnosed Picard as carrying many years prior. The guilt of not knowing this about Jack is palpable from Beverly but it explains Jack’s visions and unexplainable behavior. This is also the episode where we get to see Beverly reunited with Worf and Geordi. She immediately gives Worf a giant hug despite his reputation for not liking such displays of affection. Beverly also openly accepts a hug from Geordi. We know that she has cut ties with her Enterprise-D crewmates for the past twenty years, so these reunions are long overdue despite the dire circumstances they are all currently experiencing.

“Dominion” Episode 307

Vadic’s presence onboard the Titan has pushed both Jean Luc and Beverly to a point where they question their moral compass. Dr. Beverly Crusher has always held true to her oath as a physician and to the guidelines set by Starfleet. However, in this instance, Beverly knows that they must kill Vadic to save themselves, Jack, and the Titan. This episode was largely focused on Vadic’s story but was critical in seeing Beverly willing to adhere to the ideal of “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” despite her commitment as a physician to protect all forms of life.

“Surrender” Episode 308

This is a pivotal episode in the storyline of Star Trek Picard. It is also the episode where we see The Next Generation crew reunited around the conference room table. It is an emotional moment for all of them, but particularly for Beverly who feels the need to let them know how much she has thought of each of them over the years and that, despite the circumstances, there is no other group of people she would rather have by her side in that moment. Being surrounded by her found family once again helps Beverly come to terms with the fact that something is seriously wrong with Jack and that they need to get to the bottom of what is happening to him before it is too late.

“Vox” Episode 309

Deanna Troi discovers that Jack is being controlled by the Borg. Once again Dr. Beverly Crusher quickly connects the biological dots that somehow the Borg were able to biologically enhance Jack through Locutus/Picard. This explains why Picard’s body was being kept at Daystrom Station. Soong knew Picard didn’t have Irumodic Syndrome but had not yet discovered what the biological abnormalities were within Picard. Beverly blames herself for not catching this Borg connection in Jack. This then leads to Beverly, along with Data and Geordi, discovering that the Changelings have been using the transporter system to embed the Borg DNA into everyone under the age of 25 that uses the transporter system. This is also the episode that had “that moment”. Yes, that moment when the bridge officers once again stepped onto the bridge of the Enterprise-D. Seeing each of them, including Dr. Crusher, marvel at the sight of being on that bridge together again was something no fan of Star Trek will soon forget.

“The Last Generation” Episode 310

In this final episode, Beverly now must be willing to risk not only her life but those of her son, Picard, and her Enterprise D family to ultimately save Starfleet and the galaxy from the Borg. Picard reassures Beverly that she did everything right in shielding Jack from danger. In what could be their final conversation, Beverly finds resolution and acceptance in her relationship with Picard. Much like in the first episode of the season, we get to see a side of Beverly we aren’t accustomed to typically seeing. As the Enterprise-D tries to avoid destruction from the Borg cube Geordi instructs Dr. Crusher to manually fire upon the Borg’s weapons. As if it has been something she has been doing her entire life, Beverly expertly fires upon the Borg cube with a tactical acuity that impresses her fellow Bridge officers. In the end, Beverly achieves what she wanted all along, saving Jack and reuniting with Picard. We finally get to see Dr. Beverly Crusher promoted to Admiral overseeing Starfleet medical and her son Jack on a path like that of his mother and father as a Starfleet officer.

Gates McFadden

It must be recognized that having Gates reprise her role of Dr. Beverly Crusher was a gift to every fan of Star Trek. Gates has always made Beverly standout and be respected. But in Season 3 of “Picard,” Gates was finally able to do what she always wanted with Beverly and that was to make her more than just the Doctor. There was nothing stopping Gates during this season of “Picard”. In fact, one might say we are seeing the best of Gates McFadden during this reprisal of Beverly Crusher. When the character is written at a defining level and the actor is at the height of her craft then everyone benefits…and we all have benefitted greatly at having Gates McFadden back in the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek Picard season 3 was filled with nostalgia, but it also presented familiar characters who were in a new season of their lives. Dr. Beverly Crusher in the 25th century is not the same woman we knew from Star Trek The Next Generation. She is still a doctor and a mom, but she now carries a resolve and confidence we haven’t seen before. Beverly has left a huge impression on the Star Trek fandom and now an entirely new generation of Trek fans will get to experience the Dr. Beverly Crusher we always knew existed.

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