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The SAG-AFTRA strike is over! The conclusion of this strike is a huge win for all actors and will positively impact the entertainment industry. As fans, we have learned quite a bit about what actors have been dealing with just to work in their profession and the immense changes that were needed to make acting a viable and safe profession as the world of entertainment continues to evolve. As Star Trek fans, it was thrilling to see the commitment of the Trek family standing in support of the strike with their fellow actors and writers. It was even more exciting to see the commitment and dedication that was displayed by two members of the Trek universe – Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd.

If you haven’t watched Star Trek Picard, then go watch it right now. Jeri and Michelle have a chemistry on screen that is undeniable. What we learned through the SAG-AFTRA strike is that their chemistry continues off screen too. One of gifts of this strike was being able to witness their friendship in action. They walked the picket lines together, supported each other on social media, and cheered each other on throughout the entire strike. Jeri was on the picket lines daily and Michelle was either on the picket lines or in meetings as a member of the SAF-AFTRA negotiating committee. Despite their different roles during the strike their support for one another was unwavering and inspiring.

When two women are passionate about a shared cause they become unstoppable. They were on strike for 118 days and even longer when you include their time supporting the WGA strike. They showed up on the picket lines, gave countless interviews, smiled for endless photos, posted on social media, and even took the time to make SAG-AFTRA t-shirts fashionable. The commitment to wearing the SAG-AFTRA shirt and buttons, smiling for the cameras, interacting with fellow actors and union members day after day for 118+ days is beyond impressive. Their actions have been powerful and empowering. In a year when the concept of labor in the United States has been on display, Jeri and Michelle have been shining examples of commitment and dedication.

The daily grind of a union strike is not for the faint of heart. Jeri has been lauded by her fellow union members as the consummate cheerleader. Raising her strike sign and shouting in acknowledgement at passing vehicles honking their horn in support of the strike became just one of her hallmark actions during her daily walks at the Warner Brothers picket. Michelle brought an infectious energy with her every time she was on the picket line whether that be in LA or New York. Her ability to lift the spirits of her fellow actors and all those volunteering to keep the picket lines safe and organized was a testament to her generosity and passion for the cause.

They showed up and went the extra mile. Jeri embraced the Taylor Swift theme day at Warner Brothers by showing up armed with strike themed Swiftie friendship bracelets to hand out to her fellow picketers. Halloween was a special day for Jeri too as she dressed up as a strike captain sporting full strike captain accessories and she was even treated to a fellow actor dressing up as “Jeri Ryan on strike” sporting Jeri’s signature black hat and imitating her strike sign holding stride. Michelle consistently found time to walk the picket lines before meetings with the negotiating committee. They both were at Paramount Studios for Star Trek Day along with many of their fellow Trek family members. They also both found the time to regularly post on social media to share information on the strike and to support their fellow union members. They never quit fighting for this cause and have been the epitome of commitment to impacting change and supporting their fellow union members.

Jeri and Michelle not only stood up for themselves and their profession, but they also stood up for the countless members of the working class and showed us that, together, we can make a difference. They reminded us that many of the ideals and messages we take from Star Trek clearly do apply to our daily lives. We can and should “Go Boldly” when supporting the people and causes we believe in. Sometimes we need to be reminded that “impossible is a word that humans use far too often” and sometimes it takes those who need these messages the most over 118 days to truly understand the ideals of Trek.

In the Star Trek universe, their characters are the newly anointed Captain and Commander of the Enterprise-G. In the real world, Jeri and Michelle are shining symbols of what it means to lead by example.

Thank you, Jeri and Michelle &LLAP

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