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It is no secret that season three of Star Trek Picard was filled with nostalgia, especially for fans of The Next Generation. However, not every moment of nostalgia was a throwback to the TNG days. In Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 6: “The Bounty”, fans of Seven of Nine and Star Trek Voyager were treated to an unforgettable moment on board the bridge of the Titan.

Seven begins showing Jack some of the more famous Starships on display at the Fleet Museum and Jack rattles off an unexpected knowledge of each of them as they appear on the main view screen until Seven clicks to display a particularly important ship…

Jack: Oh…She’s a beauty…which one’s that? Voyager theme music swells in the background

Seven: The USS Voyager. She made her name farther out than…any of those other relics had ever gone. I was reborn there. She was my home. The crew were my family. And now…

Jack: You’re just trying to find another. We all long for connection. But we’re just a little bit alone, aren’t we? Stars in the same galaxy, but light-years between us.

Seven: Oh, you are definitely your father’s son. He, too, has a knack for the, um, poetic drive-by observation. Can be very annoying. But it can also make a person feel seen.

Jack: Yeah, well, I can’t say being equal parts irritating and endearing isn’t entirely unfamiliar.

Obviously, this moment was emotional for any fan of Star Trek Voyager and Seven, but it was also an important moment in Seven’s development.

Throughout Voyager we witnessed the impact of Seven being severed from the Collective. She was forced by a group of strangers to modify her existence. Her rebirth on Voyager was a difficult and challenging time of learning to accept her humanity and begin letting go of being the one thing she had always been – Borg. Seven’s time on Voyager was spent learning and evolving her humanity, challenging not only Starfleet regulations but also the human moral and ethical compass. The process was not easy for her and involved overcoming many of the issues that continue to plague humanity – racism, sexism, bullying, just to name a few. Seven’s experiences on Voyager not only impacted her development as a former Borg, but they also served as a catalyst of growth and reflection for the crew. In the finale of Voyager, Seven was about to begin the next stage of her journey on Earth and contend with all the unknowns that would bring. But she faced this next phase of her life knowing she had developed a family aboard Voyager.

The USS Voyager became Seven’s home. Seven grew up onboard Voyager. Voyager was the place where Seven discovered her individuality and made bonds with other members of the crew. She had a space on board that was her own – sort of…do not get me started on the whole cargo bay thing – and she had duties that were imperative to the functionality of Voyager’s mission to return to Earth. Humans tend to have a level of sentimentality toward places that impact who they are. As Seven’s humanity and relationships evolved, she created a level of comfort with her surroundings. Voyager was Seven’s home and a home can be hard to leave when the time to move on arrives.

Upon returning to Earth everything changed for Seven and her Voyager family. The vessel she called home became a specimen for research and was then relegated to a museum to be placed on display. Her Voyager family began to follow their own paths. This created a void Seven had not experienced since being separated from the Borg collective. Seven was also rejected by Starfleet and her desire to serve the organization whose regulations and principles had been instrumental in guiding Voyager throughout their journey to return to Earth was denied. Seven also experienced a widespread amount of discrimination for being a former Borg drone. Essentially, living outside the confines of Voyager left Seven feeling alone without a path and without her family.

Seven turned to the one thing she had spent much time trying to put in check – her fierce independence. She joined the Fenris Rangers where she could help those in the galaxy that were unable to help themselves. She did not have to work within the parameters of Starfleet or answer to anyone but herself. This time certainly impacted Seven’s continuing development, as any life experience does. But it never fulfilled the one thing she longed for – a place to belong.

We know that when Fenris Ranger Seven beamed aboard La Sirena that the trajectory of her path began to change. Helping Jean Luc Picard meant working with others on a common goal. It made her form relationships that were familiar and some relationships that were new. It also put her on a path to join Starfleet where she quickly found stability in the familiarity of the organization. However, she was still missing an important piece of the puzzle. Seven longed to be a part of a starship whose crew worked from shared experiences beyond the duty of serving Starfleet. She wanted to be around people who respected each other for their differences, but her current assignment with the USS Titan was far from what she had experienced aboard Voyager.

This is why the conversation reminiscing about Voyager was an important moment for Seven. Seven respects Jean Luc Picard and clearly sees similarities between him and his son Jack, but at this moment, with the Titan and its crew facing an uncertain future, Seven’s relationship with Jack takes the next step toward becoming a trusted friendship. This moment also sets the stage for one of the final scenes in Star Trek Picard. When on the bridge of the newly anointed Enterprise-G, the recently promoted Captain Seven assigns Ensign Jack Crusher to the chair next to her as Special Counsel to the Captain. Seven is surrounded by a crew that shares a common experience with the Borg and has a profound respect for her. And some of the crew may even love her – yes, I am referring to Commander Musiker!

Seven pausing to remember what Voyager meant to her and sharing that with Jack was important to her development. It was also an important moment to remind us that it is never too late to start over and that the idea of where home is and who constitutes your family can also change and evolve. In a life where Seven has had to repeatedly start over, Seven has learned that home and family can be found again.

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