Seven of Nine: The Beginning

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The USS Voyager crew encountered numerous species during their journey through the Delta Quadrant. It goes without saying that they met more than their fair share of adversaries along the way too. When the Voyager crew encountered the Borg during their travels a new chapter in Starfleet’s history unfolded in ways we couldn’t even imagine.

The episodes entitled “Scorpion” parts one and two are some of the most engaging and impactful in the Star Trek Universe. There has been much discourse about Captain Janeway’s approach to dealing with the Borg and around these two episodes in general. But what has become a hallmark for the episode “Scorpion” part two is it is the first appearance of Seven of Nine.

Up until this point in our Star Trek Universe the only Borg that had been around long enough for us to know were Picard’s Locutus, the Borg Queen, and Hugh from The Next Generation episode “I, Borg”. It might have been a clue that we would get to know Seven of Nine better when she shared her identification with Janeway and Tuvok when Janeway asks, “What is your designation?” and Seven replies, “Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One but you may call me Seven of Nine.” We didn’t know at that moment that we were being introduced to someone who would become a legacy character in the Trek Universe.

Seven of Nine’s selection to be the Borg’s representative to Janeway and Tuvok, along with her lengthy title, really gave us some insight into who she was and her importance to the Borg collective. The Borg were at war with the first species they had ever encountered that could fight back and destroy the collective. Species 8472 proved to be a terrifying foe, not only for the Borg, but for the galaxy. The Borg were fighting for their existence and needed the technology held by the Voyager crew to defeat Species 8472. When Seven of Nine was selected to work with Janeway and Voyager in developing a weapon to destroy Species 8472 it was apparent that her significance to the collective was immense.

Seven of Nine was assimilated when she was six years old and had been with the Borg for 18 years. She had been a part of assimilating millions of individuals, destroying entire planets and erasing entire cultures. The fact that she was assigned to Unimatrix Zero One meant that she was closely associated with the Borg Queen. This would indicate that the Borg Queen was highly invested in having a very close link to the interactions with Janeway. It is also plausible to consider that Seven of Nine, having literally grown up as a Borg and working so closely to the Borg Queen, was being primed to become a Borg Queen herself one day.

We get what we typically expect from Seven of Nine as a Borg. She is regimented in her movement and in her speech pattern. There is no emotion expressed in her face, no body language to interpret, and her voice is void of any emotional indicators. She does appear to process questions and changes proposed by the Voyager crew efficiently and decisively. This could all be attributed to her proximity to the Borg Queen. However, it could also be influenced by Seven of Nines’s abilities. There is clearly a structure to the Borg collective. Borg drones with higher levels of functionality surely would be placed in roles that benefited the collective. This could be indicative of Seven of Nine’s intelligence and leadership skills.

As circumstances change with the Voyager crew and their interactions with the Borg, Seven of Niine soon finds herself as the sole Borg aboard the USS Voyager. As Seven of Nine re-connects with the Borg collective, she informs Janeway that the Voyager crew will be assimilated despite the agreement they had made for them to remain unassimilated and escorted through Borg space unharmed. In typical Janeway fashion, there was an alternative plan in place should the Borg change their mind about assimilating the Voyager crew.

Janeway and Chakotay used Chakotay’s temporary neural link he had with the Borg from his experiences in the season three episode “Unity” to remind Seven of Nine of her humanity and to sever her link to the Collective. The plan works and we see Seven of Nine express her first emotion…pain. Of course, there had been a sense of disdain and frustration from Seven of Nine throughout the episode, but there was never a full expression of any emotions. Her first emotion as an individual is pain and this will become a feeling, unfortunately, that Seven of Nine faces quite often in her journey.

“Scorpion” part two closes with an image of Seven of Nine laying on a bio-bed in the sick bay on Voyager. Several of her Borg implants are starting to malfunction as her human biology begins the process of healing. The future for Seven of Nine will be challenging. She will face many emotional, physical, and painful obstacles on her path to reconciling her identity. Had she remained a Borg, Seven of Nine may have become a Borg Queen. As an ex-Borg (XB), Seven will find that she was destined for greatness and will impact the lives of many individuals while playing a significant role in saving Starfleet, the galaxy, and herself.

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