Star Trek Prodigy: Janeway’s Legacy

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If you haven’t seen season one of Star Trek Prodigy, please stop what you are doing and go watch this series immediately.

This warning has been brought to you by the friendly CloneStar Podcast computer

Kathryn Janeway’s legacy began the moment Voyager, and her crew were redirected to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. At that moment, Captain Janeway began a journey of not only exploring uncharted space but doing so without the resources and protection of Starfleet. She would have to rely on Starfleet’s guidelines and regulations, but more importantly on her crew, her resourcefulness, her knowledge, her morals, her ethics, her instincts, and her willingness to bend the rules when necessary. Voyager’s unplanned journey gave Kathryn Janeway an unprecedented legacy, but luckily for us, her story didn’t end with Voyager’s return home.

We know that Janeway was quickly promoted to Admiral and that she has influenced many key decisions and members of Starfleet since her return to the Alpha Quadrant. What we didn’t know was that when we first met Star Trek Prodigy’s rag tag crew of youthful aliens that we were going to also be introduced to a new facet of Janeway’s legacy. When the Protostar is “acquired” by Dal, Rok-Tahk, Murph, Zero, Jankom Pog, and Gwen they quickly realize that they need assistance in managing the ship. A simple utterance of “HELP” by Rok-Tahk activates the Protostar’s Emergency Training Hologram (ETH) which is based on Captain Kathryn Janeway and suddenly Holo Janeway begins to add another facet to Janeway’s legacy.

Holo Janeway is the best of Captain Janeway from her Voyager years. She even has the mannerisms and habits of Captain Janeway. Holo Janeway is often seen with a mug of coffee in hand and can be seen taking the all too familiar hands on her hips stance that is quintessential Janeway. As a hologram she is meant to be a training advisor to the crew of the Protostar. Thus, when the Protostar crew is a youthful group of aliens Holo Janeway doesn’t know that they are not Starfleet cadets and proceeds to coach and encourages them just like she did with the Voyager’s crew. As we remember, Janeway had a fair share of non-Starfleet crew with the addition of the Maquis on board Voyager. Even when Holo Janeway discovers the true nature of the Protostar crew she continues to teach and guide them in the ways of Starfleet. It is when Dal gives Holo Janeway Command capabilities that Holo Janeway truly thrives.

As a mentor and mother figure to the young crew of the Protostar, Holo Janeway is a mirror to Voyager’s Captain. When she is given command capabilities, Holo Janeway comes into full bloom. Suddenly every Voyager fan is instantly transported back in time to a place where Captain Janeway was guiding more than just a ship and a crew, but also guiding a franchise into a new chapter of leadership amongst the stars. Now, thanks to Star Trek Prodigy, a new generation of fans can offer their respect and admiration to Kathryn Janeway in a whole new era of Star Trek.

It is when the motley Protostar crew is faced with their greatest test that our Prodigy gang and Holo Janeway prove they do indeed represent the best of Starfleet. When it is discovered that the Protostar is armed with the living construct device and the Protostar engages with a Starfleet Armada the crew decides that the only thing they can do to save Starfleet is destroy the Protostar. Holo Janeway offers to be the one to manually activate the self-destruct sequence but assures the crew that she will download her program to an isolinear chip. Holo Janeway discovers that her program has become too vast to be stored on the isolinear chip and instead leaves the crew a final message in true Captain Janeway fashion. In her final words to her young crew, Holo Janeway expresses her pride and belief in them with her final words being “Go Boldly”.

Thankfully, our young Prodigy crew makes it to Starfleet Headquarters and is quickly taken under the wing of Admiral Janeway. As warrant officers in training the crew is eager for their next mission and Admiral Janeway has a special ship selected for them – the Voyager – A. Season two of Star Trek Prodigy is surely going to be filled with new adventures and familiar faces from the Star Trek universe along with more of the guiding leadership of Kathryn Janeway.

Star Trek Prodigy is many things. It is beautifully animated with relatable characters that expand the Star Trek universe through stellar storytelling. It is also an important part of the Star Trek franchise that has engaged fans new and old. It is truly a fine example of the timelessness that Star Trek provides while giving us valuable lessons in humanity and providing hope for a better future.

Kathryn Janeway’s legacy is still being written through Star Trek Prodigy.

Happy Star Trek Prodigy Day 2023!

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