Star Trek Through Difficult Times

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We all go through tough times. No matter how big or small they are, we all going through them.

I have always felt that, in each situation, there is a Star Trek line, or quote etc that will apply to the situation and, hopefully, help us through.

The one I see shared the most is Picard’s classic from “Peak Performance”.

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life.”

Each situation is different of course, how we approach it will always differ depending on who we are, what our situation is etc.

In these situations, I have always found it reminds me of why I love Star Trek so much. The ships, the characters, they transcend the screen. If I was ever asked to define Star Trek, I always go back to the line from the magnificent teaser trailer for Star Trek VI:

“They have been our guides, our protectors and our friends.”

Whenever I have been in a bad spot, I happily jump on board the Enterprise and I am surrounded by friends and it gives me some of the comfort that I need.

There’s 3 main Star Trek moments I think back to in these situations.

In TNG’s “The Bonding”, Jeremy Astor has to face up to the reality that, following the death of his mother, he is now alone. When he says this, Captain Picard kneels down, holds his hand and says:

“Jeremy, on the Starship Enterprise, no one is alone. No one.”

This has never failed to give me some semblance of comfort, knowing that I’m not alone and I do have people that I can reach out to. Including those on the Enterprise.

Probably the biggest one for me comes from the DS9 Pilot, “Emissary”.

I didn’t get into DS9 until Season 3. I remember watching the Pilot and not being impressed with Sisko giving Picard attitude. Who did this guy think he was??

Years later, when I was a bit older and had more life experience, I went back and watched it again.

To me, it’s the best pilot of all the series with an incredible arc for Sisko.

The culmination is the scene where Sisko finally breaks down that his life has never moved on from the death of Jennifer at Wolf 359. It’s a simply incredible scene. He has tried to explain to the prophets about how life is linear and you cant go back yet he keeps going back to that moment he lost Jennifer and its affected his ever since.

For all of us, an event, no matter what it is, can become something we get stuck in. We exist there and we keep going back there and not being able to move on. It’s a scene that I don’t feel gets the attention it deserves because of the power of it and how it can apply to all of us and it’s something we must all watch for (But cant always be avoided of course)

This leads onto my last one which might not seem so obvious.

In the original series episode, “Mirror, Mirror” Kirk and the away team are preparing to return to their universe. Mirror Spock is helping them and he and Kirk discuss about the future of this Empire. Spock knows the Empire will eventually fall so Kirk asks him about the logic of supporting such a thing and they discuss the future and how it can be changed:

Mirror Spock: “One man cannot summon the future”

Kirk: “But one man can change the present”

Why has this one stuck with me?

When we go through tough times, it’s very hard to see at what point it will get better, that we will feel better but, hopefully, that day will come. But you cant summon it. You cant make it happen right now. But what you can do is change your present. Make a small change each day or whenever you can and that future, where it will hopefully be better, will become a reality.

It’s these things I always bring myself back to because they work for me.

Everyone has to decide what works best for them in these situations but always remember one thing: In the Star Trek community, no-one is alone. No-one.

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