The Best Relationship on Deep Space Nine

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine was unique in many ways, but what really made this series stand out was the many and varied relationships. Deep Space Nine had the epic romance of Worf and Jadzia, the brotherhood of Bashir and O’Brien, the tragic romances of Kira, the familial bond of Sisko and Jake, and the unlikely coupling of Rom and Leeta. The list of relationships is practically endless. Among all these relationships there needs to be a commonality or a central person or place for these relationships to exist. One might think that in this instance it would be the space station itself, Deep Space Nine. In this case, however, the central figure that truly ties all the Deep Space Nine relationships together is the best relationship on Deep Space Nine. That relationship is the one between Quark and his bar.

If there was ever one constant on Deep Space Nine it was Quark. Quark was one hundred percent Ferengi. He knew the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition better than anyone. He also knew how best to manipulate those rules better than most. As a Ferengi, Quark’s goal in life was to acquire latinum. The more latinum he owned the better standing he would have among other businesses and Ferengi. Quark’s best and most consistent source of latinum was through his bar on Deep Space Nine. So, it isn’t hard to see that Quark’s love of latinum translated easily to a love for his bar.

Quark’s bar was a consistent source of legal income and provided a space for some not so legal business dealings too. Quark’s goal was to always acquire latinum despite the circumstances and it was Quark’s ability to maintain a multitude of relationships that made him and his bar the center of Deep Space Nine. Quark’s establishment was the center for food, drinks, holo suites, darts, gambling, business dealings and diplomacy. Basically, if there was a way to make profits using the bar then Quark would find it. Quark, in fact, didn’t see any potential profitability in staying on Deep Space Nine when the Federation took control. He knew that Starfleet didn’t value profits or material wealth. Quark had to be “convinced” by Sisko to stay on the station and to keep his bar open. Sisko needed the station’s promenade to be filled with businesses and restaurants to keep the station viable. This move by Sisko proved to be of great benefit to the station.

Quark’s success through the transfer to Starfleet control proved to him that he could thrive no matter who was in charge. Quark and his bar were ready at a moments notice to hang flags throughout the bar in support of the Federation’s alliance with the Klingons. When the Cardassians gained control of the station temporarily, Quark made sure the décor, food and drink met their tastes. Through all the stations shifts in power Quark maintained a strict business rule of making the customers happy and maximizing profits.
Quark’s bar was also the place where many of Deep Space Nine’s most memorable relationships were often seen interacting; Bashir and O’Brien playing darts and acting out famous historical battles in the holo-suites, Jadzia and Worf were married at Quarks, Rom and Leeta met because they both worked at Quark’s establishment. It is also important to remember that Quark himself had integral relationships with every individual that lived and worked on Deep Space Nine.

Quark’s relationships with everyone on the station ebbed and flowed and even grew much like Deep Space Nine itself. Quark and Odo are a fitting example of this idea. Odo had much disdain and distrust in Quark and rightfully so. Quark was notorious for his illegal business dealings and Odo often went out of his way to let Quark know that he was always watching. Over time Odo and Quark became reliant on their angst for each other and even used their relationship to help one another out when needed. In the end, for Odo and Quark, there was a certain level of respect and care that evolved. This really was true of all of Quark’s relationships on the station.

What Quark and his bar cultivated on Deep Space Nine was a sense of camaraderie. Much like a favorite bartender at the local pub or the waitperson at your go to restaurant who knows your order Quark was that person and that made Quark’s bar special. Some of our favorite moments on Deep Space Nine involved Quark and his bar. Now, of course Quark always maintained a way of acquiring more latinum using his bar and his resources, but once everyone learned to just expect that his relationship’s began to grow even stronger.

Deep Space Nine was filled with a multitude of fantastic and memorable relationships. When you are stuck in deep space there must be a place that provides a place to escape, find comfort, and be entertained, along with a semi-trustworthy owner. Quark’s relationships, his love for latinum, and his bar may have been the best thing to happen to Deep Space Nine. In the end, Quark learned that his relationships with his friends and found family were worth more than all the latinum – maybe.

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