Tribbles, Murf, and Moopsy – OH MY!

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Sometimes the creators of Star Trek dream up things that catch the attention of the fans in a way that is likely unexpected and goes beyond being an easter egg. These are those obscure or unique characters that take on a life of their own beyond their introductory episode. Tribbles, Murf, and Moopsy are three such species/characters that have captivated the Star Trek fandom.

Tribbles were first introduced in the 1967 episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” from The Original Series. Tribbles exist solely to eat and breed. In fact, they reproduce so rapidly that they quickly become a nuisance simply by overtaking any ship or location. Their literal ball of fur appearance makes them adorable and irresistible. Adorable irresistible balls of fur that are a complete nuisance would of course make them one of the most popular alien species among Trek fans. Tribbles are so popular that they have been in several different Trek series. Tribbles appeared in The Animated Series episode “More Tribbles, More Troubles”. They also appeared in the infamous Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations”. We even saw the first attack Tribble at the Daystrom Station during season three of Star Trek Picard. The attack Tribble suddenly made the adorable balls of cuteness quite scary! Tribbles, no matter which variety, have become a legend in the Trek Universe.

Murf is the affectionate, mellanoid slime worm that is seemingly indestructible and can withstand the vacuum of space. Murf was first introduced to us in the Star Trek Prodigy episode “Lost and Found”. We quickly learn that Murf is indestructible when the adorable mellanoid slime worm swallows a photon grenade that detonates inside Murf. When the grenade detonates, Murf just expands in reaction to the explosion as if he was a bit bloated. Murf is caring and indestructible, but he is also just down right adorable for a worm. Murf is an ombre of blues, teals, and purples which remind one of a nebula. Murf also appears to be gelatinous without being slimy which is impressive by Earth worm standards. During Star Trek Prodigy’s first season, Murf undergoes a transformation or a metamorphosis of sorts. Murf changes from a worm-like figure to one that is more humanoid. Murf maintains the nebula-like colorations but now sports a pair functional arms and legs along with a small dollop that hovers above his head. Among Murf’s many attributes are his highly skilled ability to fight and wage combat like a trained ninja. Murf also has a penchant for jazz. Murf may not speak but he can certainly dance and lip sync like no other as proven when he takes on the persona of Mr. Murfy No Shoes on the holodeck during the “Ghosts in the Machine” episode. Murf is a character unlike any other we have encountered in Star Trek, and he has won the hearts of the fandom with his charming, yet lethal personality.

Moopsy. Go on…say it out loud in a bit of a high-pitched voice. It is a cute and fun name for this Star Trek Lower Decks character. Moopsy is like a marshmallow combined with a corgi that feeds on bones…bones! That’s right, this adorable little four-footed beast is pudgy and squishy looking but will suck the bones from all bodies or things. Moopsy may look like something that you want to cuddle and take on walks around your neighborhood. However, the reality is that Moopsy is a ferocious beast that feeds on bones like they were candy. Moopsy may look like it is waddling along, but don’t underestimate its ability to be everywhere at the right time. We have only encountered the Moopsy once during Star Trek Lower Deck’s season four episode “I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee.” Nevertheless, the Moopsy fever has swept up the Trek fandom as Moopsy stuffies, art work, and speculation run fervent. One must wonder if there might be a few Moopsies being kept at Daystrom Station – just hopefully not on the same deck as the attack Tribbles!

Trek fans love the obscure, especially when it is something cute. Tribbles, Murf, and Moopsy while all quite adorable, are completely lethal in their own way. These bundles of fur, a mellanoid slime worm, and a marshmallow like creature basically show up to cause chaos and traumatize our favorite crews in the oddest of ways. Each of these creatures has come to us in different Trek storylines. And they have all managed to capture the hearts of fans. Don’t be surprised if at the next Trek convention, you see groups of Trek fans locking arms and skipping down the halls chanting “Tribbles, Murf, and Moopsy – OH MY”!

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