What is Star Trek

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12 years old. Sat around with my family with Star trek Voyager broadcasting via sky one, the TV humming, digital was still new and exciting to us, I remember seeing that dam bumble bee game and being blown away at being able to play something like that through your TV. We where all sat there in a real perfect family moment. My uncle was chipper as always, my cousin made a comment about one of the characters “provocative outfits” but this was a family moment of all of us gathered because star trek was on. Twenty six years ago. Funny isn’t it, how some memories are lost and yet others you can almost smell the cup of tea freshly brewed, hear the laughs and joy in the air. Precious moments that become a beacon of light during our darkest of nights.

Sadly we cant fly around the sun and jump back in time to revisit our lost friends and family, a magic man with a blue box wont fall from the sky with wide eyes and a hand stretched out saying with a eager grin “come with me.” The only time we can visit the past is through our stories, our memories. But let us jump from that moment of family love to a more recent day. A lonely man, filled with loss and grief sat watching Star trek Discovery.

There’s something connecting these two moments, now the details of the specific episodes are blurry, both present and past, the feeling of the past was that of awe, the feeling of the present was that of understanding, but the scenes where deeply different. There was no family laughter, no joy, no warmth around me, but a shadow and a emptiness in the air.

A character in discovery was dealing with grief. Dealing with his home world being destroyed breaking his heart. I Sat here where I’m writing this now, sat and when I saw his grief. I cried. I felt like I’d lost my world. I guess that’s the metaphor right? When we loose some one, we feel like the worlds ending. My uncle had died just a few weeks before. I was lost, unable to process the loss, partly because I didn’t want to. That moment changed when I saw the grief playing out on screen. Star trek discovery, allowed me to process that grief. The characters pain became my pain.

From family joy, to family loss. Two contrasting moments with Star trek bridging them together. From love to heart break. What is Star trek? Its a spectrum isn’t it. Light reflects much as star trek reflects our own world, our own struggles. Star trek shows us what we can be, but also what we are and in this moment, star trek showed me how to deal with my grief.

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