Star Trek: Picard: The Art and Making of the Series

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We purchased this book for the purposed of this review.

Strap in, Star Trek aficionados! Within the expansive galaxy of Titan Books’ publishing cosmos, a new luminary has sparked to life in the guise of “Star Trek: Picard – The Art and Making of the Series.” This is no ordinary celestial body within the firmament; it’s a supernova brimming with insights, hurtling through the space-time continuum to deliver the ultimate comprehensive examination of the universe of the singular Jean-Luc Picard.

Envision this: 208 pages of undiluted Star Trek ecstasy, navigating through the creative nebulae that transformed the legendary Picard from a character confined to the script into a vibrant, living icon on our screens. This volume is a veritable treasure trove, brimming with the jewels of narrative and artistic brilliance that launched “Star Trek: Picard” into the 25th century, all the while honouring the storytelling and technological sorcery that has long been a hallmark of the franchise.

Commanding this spacecraft is Joe Fordham, a stalwart of the Star Trek universe whose prior venture, “Star Trek: First Contact – The Making of the Classic Film,” garnered him plaudits across the cosmos. Fordham now escorts us on an odyssey through the evolving terrains of “Picard,” from the turbulent waters of its contentious second season to the glorious journey of its third. Each instalment in this epic is subject to Fordham’s seasoned analysis, guaranteeing that no pebble remains unturned.

Our journey commences with a retrospective to 2018, when Patrick Stewart’s groundbreaking declaration of the series sent tremors through the Star Trek community. From the nascent “Mysterious Entanglements” pitch to the fully fleshed-out series we cherish today, Fordham meticulously charts the series’ evolution with the precision of a Starfleet captain.

Season 1 alone commands 66 pages and 16 chapters of detailed scrutiny, from the cosy nooks of Chateau Picard to the extraterrestrial terrains of Coppelius. Plunge into the core of the series with breathtaking visuals, in-depth character analyses, and behind-the-scenes enchantment that animates the world of Picard and his crew.

As we engage warp drive into Season 2, the tale veers with time travel and investigations into Picard’s past, enriched by novel designs, fashion deep dives, and the revelation of the USS Stargazer’s secrets. This season’s narrative is a masterpiece of creativity, pieced together with 58 pages of insights and discoveries.

Yet, the voyage is far from over. Season 3 delivers a conclusion to the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” crew with an intricate look behind the scenes of the series’ final instalments, from monumental battles to the genesis of “space babies.” This segment alone is as valuable as dilithium crystals, offering 72 pages of unadulterated Star Trek treasure.

While “Star Trek: Picard – The Art and Making of the Series” may not illuminate every star in the cosmos, the array of photographs and sketches it encompasses provides a universe’s worth of exploration into the creation of this monumental series.

Thus, dear Trekkies, as we return to dock at the spaceport, let’s render a Vulcan salute to Titan Books for once more enriching our Star Trek odyssey. This publication is not merely a book; it’s a portal to the future of the Star Trek universe, heralding even more voyages into the boundless expanses of space.

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