Star Trek: Resurgence

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We Tested the game on Xbox Series X Console in 4K Dolby Vision with Dolby Surround using a release version provided by Dramatic Labs for the purpose of the review. The opinions expressed in this review are ours and we have not been paid or sponsored to say anything we don’t believe in.

Hold on to your tricorders, folks, because when I heard that Star Trek was finally getting a “proper” console game, I practically did a Vulcan nerve pinch out of excitement! I’ve been stalking its progress like a Ferengi after latinum, and let me tell you, the previews had me beaming with anticipation! Developed by the fresh-faced crew at Dramatic Labs, this game is boldly going where no Star Trek game has gone before—hitting warp speed on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

Now, let’s set our phasers to review mode, shall we? When it comes to Star Trek: Resurgence, my initial views are as diverse as the planets in the Delta Quadrant. So, I’ve decided to navigate this review using a four-quadrant approach: Story, Graphics & Audio, Game Mechanics, and an overview that’ll have you shouting “Engage!” in excitement.

So strap yourselves in, fellow space explorers, and get ready for a warp-speed journey through the universe of Star Trek: Resurgence!

The STory

I love the story, Star Trek: Resurgence is set in a post Next Generation era and is all about embracing what makes the franchise so awesome. This game is all about digging into the juicy stuff: the friendships, the negotiations, and getting all hyped up about technology. Sure, there’s some action with space battles and phaser fights, but it’s not the main dish. The real star of the show is science and discovery, driving us forward on an intellectual adventure. Of course, there are times when you gotta blast some dudes to reach that important terminal, you know what I mean? And while Starfleet isn’t about starting fights, don’t underestimate its ability to finish them with style.

Get ready for a story that’s jam-packed with twists and turns, enough to keep you glued to the screen for hours! We’ve got two main characters who steal the spotlight, but don’t worry, the rest of the crew gets some love too. Meet Jara Rydek, the fresh-faced first officer on the U.S.S. Resolute. She’s stepping into a crew that’s been through some serious trauma, thanks to a warp experiment gone wrong. The ship took a beating, and now Rydek’s got some big shoes to fill after her predecessor tragically kicked the bucket. She’s determined to earn the respect of the captain and the crew, who are all still reeling from recent losses. It’s gonna be one wild ride, my friends.

Get ready to explore the lower decks of the ship, where we meet Petty Officer Carter Diaz. This dude is seriously charming. He’s a total genius when it comes to engineering stuff, and his partner-in-crime is Nili Edsilar, a Trill who’s perfectly happy just being herself, no joining necessary.

Diaz and Edsilar are proper engineers. They’re the ones crawling through tight Jeffries tubes and yanking open wall panels, working their butts off to keep the Resolute in tip-top shape for the bigwigs upstairs. It’s an absolute thrill to watch Rydek and the rest of the bridge crew make decisions, and then witness Diaz and Edsilar rise to the occasion and make things happen.

Alright, buckle up because I’ve got some tantalising tidbits about the story for you, but no spoilers, promise! So, the crew of the Resolute scores a major VIP guest: Ambassador Spock himself! Talk about a big deal! They’re sent on a peacekeeping mission to these two planets that used to be all buddy-buddy, mining dilithium and all that jazz. But, bam! Out of nowhere, these planets are suddenly caught up in a full-blown armed conflict. Talk about drama! Our Starfleet crew steps in as the neutral moderators, but let me tell you, things escalate real quick. They find themselves in way over their heads, because guess what? This conflict is just the tip of a colossal danger iceberg. I’m talking major trouble, my friends. And here’s the best part: this story goes deep into Trek lore, expanding on a Next Gen episode in the most natural and organic way possible. Get ready to have your mind blown on this wild, action-packed adventure!

Story Scores

The Game

Now, let me spill the beans about Star Trek: Resurgence game style. The game’s Telltale-style storytelling had me mind-blown. It’s like they totally got me and my questionable decision-making. They understood that sometimes we ain’t all shiny and perfect, but they still managed to keep that authentic Star Trek vibe going strong. Okay, okay, don’t get too excited thinking you can go full-on villain mode, ’cause that’s a no-go. But they throw these moral dilemmas your way that might make you feel a little mischievous, you know? It’s like those split-second choices that Star Fleet wouldn’t be too happy about. They walk this tightrope, diving into the grey areas while keeping that true Star Trek essence intact. Man, it’s seriously impressive stuff! Trust me, you’re in for a wild ride with this game!

Alright, let me dish out the juicy details on my insane escapades on the Resolute! Picture this: me, belittling Spock like a total boss. Oh yeah, I had the guts to do it! And guess what? I channeled my inner tough guy and broke some dude’s arm to squeeze out some sweet intel. Don’t mess with me!

But wait, it gets even crazier. I took a wild potshot at someone during transport just because they were getting on my last nerve. I mean, come on, we all have our breaking points, right? And here’s the cherry on top: I pressed the wrong button and accidentally fried one of my own crew members. Oopsie daisy! My bad, buddy. Let me tell you, these wild choices made my gameplay a rollercoaster of excitement and hilarious mishaps. Resurgence sure knows how to keep things interesting! 

Oh boy, let me tell you, the cast in this game deserves a standing ovation! They knocked it out of the park with their performances that are nothing short of extraordinary. And let’s give a special shoutout to the actor who portrayed Spock – they nailed it! Seriously, they captured the essence of the character so perfectly, it’s like they channeled Leonard Nimoy himself. But hold on tight, because the main cast members were absolutely incredible, and the supporting cast? Oh boy, they were just as awesome! Those alien delegation characters? They blew us away with performances that matched the talent of the seasoned Starfleet crew. It’s like they were born to play those roles! The way they seamlessly fit into the story is a testament to their unbelievable skill and unwavering dedication. We’ve got a bunch of superstars here, folks. So let’s give them a resounding bravo for their stellar contributions! They deserve all the applause and then some!

Now, let’s talk about the story, my friends. It’s simply mind-blowing. I can’t emphasise enough how ambitious and brilliantly constructed the narrative is. Star Trek: Resurgence is an absolute masterpiece in this department, a perfect 5/5. I’m already itching to dive back in and explore different paths to see how the adventure unfolds. But hey, let’s keep it real for a moment. There are a few technical hiccups in the game that we can’t simply brush aside, as much as I wish we could.

Game Scores

Graphics & Audio

Let me fill you in on a little secret, Dramatic Labs went all out with a brand new engine for this game, and let’s just say it’s been a bit of a work in progress for them. But fear not, my friends, because amidst the occasional hiccups, there are moments of sheer brilliance that will blow your socks off. Picture this: stunning Star Trek style cinematography that transports you right into the action. The camera gracefully glides through the bridge, capturing intense moments with an almost magical touch. It’s pure cinematic magic, I tell you!

While we’re busy soaking in the glory of those mind-blowing moments, it’s only fair to admit that there are occasional hiccups along the way. You know, those wonky instances where a character runs across the screen with legs that seem to have gone on vacation. It’s a little off, I’ll give you that. And let’s not even dive into the bone-chilling moments during transportation, where body parts linger a bit too long on the transporter pad. Talk about sending shivers down your spine, my friends!

But wait, there’s more. We can’t overlook the audio mishaps that crop up from time to time. Picture this: dialogue that skips around and distorts, making the characters sound like they’re are Borg. It’s a bit bizarre, to say the least. Oh yeah, and there’s this stealth mission that’s oddly silent, as if the sound effects have gone and been beamed to space. And let’s not forget those frustrating moments when the game refuses to acknowledge your inputs, forcing you to crash and reload.

Let’s talk tunes for a moment, my fellow sound aficionados. Now, as a sound engineer, I might be a tad picky, but I have to say, the music in this game is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s like stumbling upon a MIDI pack from the early 2000s, while other games out there are rocking real instruments. Gotta admit, it’s a bit of a letdown when you make the comparison. But hey, let’s not dwell on it too much. There’s still plenty of other exciting stuff to enjoy in this game.

Now, here’s the thing. Despite these bumps in the road, the game still has its moments of pure brilliance that’ll leave you in awe. So, if you’re up for a wild adventure filled with highs and the occasional quirky lows, buckle up and get ready for a ride you won’t soon forget!

Graphics & audio

Game Mechanics

Now, let’s chat about the gadgets that make Star Trek so darn cool, because here’s the thing: they’re a bit problematic in this game. We’re talking about phasers and tricorders, my friends, and let me tell you, their functionality in Resurgence is a real head-scratcher. It’s like they’re throwing us some serious curveballs. So buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a wild ride with these sci-fi tools that have us scratching our heads and wondering, “What in the galaxy is going on here?” Get ready to explore the ups and downs of phasers and tricorders like you’ve never imagined!

First up, we have the phaser-shooting sections, and boy, oh boy, they’ve got some issues. To put it bluntly, they’re downright broken and make the gameplay frustratingly unplayable. Targeting? Good luck with that. Sometimes the camera angles are so wonky that you can’t even see your targets properly. And don’t even think about popping out of cover because you’ll get blasted before you even have a chance to shoot back. Trust me, it’s a recipe for deep frustration, especially as you progress further in the game.

On the other hand, we have the tricorder sections. While they function as intended, they lean more towards the side of boredom. I get it, they’re an important part of Star Trek lore and the scientific exploration that defines the franchise. But in practice, they feel a bit dated. It becomes a tedious task of wandering around, searching for that last elusive item to “scan.” It’s not that they’re poorly implemented per se, but they lack that spark of excitement that keeps you engaged.

Listen up, fellow thrill-seeker! Get ready to buckle up for the wild ride of gadgetry in Resurgence. We’ve got broken phaser battles that will leave you scratching your head and wondering if your targeting skills have been sucked into a black hole. And let’s not forget those tricorder quests that might just make you yearn for a more adrenaline-pumping adventure. They’re like a slow dance at a party when you’re itching for some crazy moves. 

But hey, don’t lose hope just yet! Despite these bumpy gadget encounters, remember that every adventure has its ups and downs. It’s all part of the ride, my friends. So grab your courage, unleash your inner explorer, and let’s navigate through the highs and lows of Resurgence. Just don’t be surprised if Séan Ferrick, the ultimate critic of all things, gives these gadgets a Trilithium Down! Keep your sense of humour intact and embrace the quirks, because after all, it’s the journey that counts, even if it’s a bit wobbly at times.

Game mechanics

Final Thoughts

Alright, hold on tight, because we’re about to warp into the final verdict zone! Now, let’s be honest here. As a reviewer, it’s my duty to shine a light on the technical and design hiccups of Star Trek: Resurgence. They’re like tribbles in the engine room—hard to ignore and impossible to overlook.

But hey, don’t get your Vulcan ears in a twist just yet! Despite these minor setbacks, I’m beaming out a resounding recommendation for this game. Listen up, all you die-hard Star Trek fans and adventure game enthusiasts—this one’s for you! The writing is as gripping as a Klingon battle, the performances are more dazzling than a supernova, and the respect for the Star Trek universe is beaming with such intensity that it could power a starship.

So, when you think back on your time with Star Trek: Resurgence, trust me, my friends, you won’t be pondering those wonky phaser mechanics or the occasional design quirk. Oh no! You’ll be reliving the pulse-pounding, heart-racing, kick-ass story that’ll transport you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Strap in, set your phasers to fun, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey! Live long and game on!

Total Score
We Tested the game on Xbox Series X Console in 4K Dolby Vision with Dolby Surround using a release version provided by Dramatic Labs for the purpose of the review. The opinions expressed in this review are ours and we have not been paid or sponsored to say anything we don’t believe in.
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