Mikes Mega Star Trek Quiz

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Mikes Awesome Star Trek Quiz

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What Is Picard’s Catch Phrase?

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What Type Of Crystal Powers Federation Warp Drives?

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What's the name of the Captain of Discovery Season 1?

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Who Is The Constable Aboard Deep Space Nine?

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What three colours are the uniforms on "Star Trek"?

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What is Captain Kirk's middle name?

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Why did Paramount make an attempt to offload the Star Trek series?

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How does James Doohan lose his middle finger?

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How many episodes are there in Star Trek: The Original Series season 1?

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In “Deep Space Nine”, which planet is mentioned to be occupied by Cardassians?

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 If someone asks to be “beamed up” in Star Trek, which equipment will be used for this?

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Which of the following people hasn’t been an artificial or cybernetic being at some point in their lives?

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What is the ritual that every Vulcan has to experience to prove themselves removed of all emotion?

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What is the Bat’leth?

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What is the name of Khan’s ship?

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Which type of alien species is the father of Spock?

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