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Riker Quiz

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On which planet was a transporter clone of Riker left stranded for 8 years, as revealed in ‘Second Chances’?

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Where was Riker born and raised?

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Which ship does Riker assume temporary command of in ‘Peak Performance’?

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In which episode is Riker seen to play the trombone for the first time?

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Riker’s undercover mission to Tilonus IV took place in which episode?

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Which crew member of the Cerritos did Riker refer to as his cha’DIch in ‘No Small Parts’?

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What was the name of Riker and Troi’s son, first mentioned in ‘Nepenthe’?

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Who was Riker’s commanding officer aboard the Pegasus?

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How does Riker suggest that the Enterprise avoids the collision with the Bozeman in ‘Cause and Effect’?

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What is the name of Riker’s love interest in ‘The Outcast’?

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What was the cause of Riker’s injuries at the beginning of ‘Timescape’?

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In which of these episodes does Riker defend his decision to have a beard?

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Who does Riker enlist in an attempt to help Wesley bond with Salia in ‘The Dauphin’?

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Which role in Robin Hood’s Merry Men does Q give Riker in ‘Qpid’?

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Which species is largely responsible for Riker and Troi installing a shielding system for their home in ‘Nepenthe’?

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